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Patio chairs - Many types and designs to choose from

Looking online for patio chairs means you can grab yourself great bargains. Very often you can buy patio chairs and tables as sets online for less than you would pay in store for patio chairs alone. The beauty of buying online is that it allows you to browse through a huge range of patio chairs in all different materials depending on how much you want to pay, but you can have them delivered. You do have to check the cost of shipping as some online stores add a huge amount onto the total cost.

If you are looking at buying patio chairs for around the pool area then consider something such as plastic. Plastic is one of the easiest materials to keep clean, they are waterproof and are light enough to carry around if you should choose to move them during the winter months. The majority of plastic patio chairs can be stacked together once you have removed patio chair cushions. Cushions are available to buy separately with the more expensive ones being thick and very comfortable. You are able to choose from a huge range of colors and fabrics so you should be able to find something suitable for all patios.

If you want something that stands out and that will last you for many years then consider going for wooden patio chairs. Teak is a popular choice for outside patio chairs; it is very sturdy and hard wearing and can be treated with wood stain each year to keep them in tip top shape. This makes them very versatile and teak patio chairs do look very classy.

Aluminum patio chairs are another very popular choice, they are light enough to move around the patio or garden area and they look stylish. Cushions can be removed and thrown in the washing machine or replaced. There are plenty of choices when it comes to design and color and the more you pay out for cushions the thicker and more comfortable they will be.

Wicker is another option when looking for patio chairs and again there are many different types and colors of wicker to choose from. Wicker patio chairs can come with high or low backs and with or without arms, some also come with inbuilt cup holder. Wicker is not particularly suited to areas around the pool; however it is possible to treat it with water proofing. Wicker patio chairs are very comfortable with the majority of them having large padded cushions in the back and on the seating. The cushions are removable for washing and they are easily replaced when they get tatty.

Whichever type of patio chairs you are considering buying where possible always try the chair out before buying. You need to ensure that you can sit comfortably in the chair with your feet on the floor. It is no good having a thick padded seating cushion if it means that you feet are left hanging in mid air. You also need to ensure that the seat is wide enough for you to get in and out of without feeling like you are squashed into the chair.

designs to choose
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