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The choices and range of patio chairs are enormous, there are different styles of patio chairs themselves then there are different types of patio chair cushions. Cushions come in many different colors, fabrics and patterns, so matching them with your existing décor or garden furniture is not a problem. The type of fabric on cushions for your patio chairs will depend to some extent where you are placing your patio chairs. If they are close to the pool then you would be better of choosing patio chair cushion fabric that is water proofed, it is also essential to choose patio chairs that will be able to stand water splashes.

The most useful and hard wearing types of patio chairs that you can use at the poolside are metal, plastic or wood. Plastic patio chairs are the cheapest type of chair and they are also excellent when it comes to being able to move them around the garden and patio area. If you choose one of the sturdier types of plastic patio chairs then they are relatively hard wearing and should give you many years of life. The added advantage of having plastic is that they are extremely easy to keep clean; all that's needed is a wipe down with a damp cloth.

If you want patio chairs that are stylish then go for hardwearing teak. Teak is one of the most beautiful of woods and is a very popular choice for patio chairs and tables. Patio chairs made of teak can be treated with any wood stain and they can be guarded against water so you are able to place them at poolside. However you would have to consider the fact that teak is heavy so if you want to be able to move your patio chairs around then they would not be a good choice.

If you want something totally different then go for wicker patio chairs. There are many different styles of wicker patio chairs available and some of them are absolutely beautiful when it comes to design. The high backed wicker patio chairs with arms are some of the finest patio furniture you could wish for. Some have very plump cushions on the seats and back in many beautiful designs. These can be taken off for washing and then tied back on or you could choose to make your own cushions to match existing furniture.

If you want simplicity then look at metal patio chairs. These are usually made from lightweight aluminum and so are lightweight which makes them easy to move around. Again you can have cushions of your choice which are removable when it comes to washing. Cushions should preferably be treated to be waterproof which means they can be used around the poolside.

You can get some great deals online for patio chairs or patio sets which include a table and chairs. There are some lovely designs suitable for all patios and many offers are only available when you buy online. While you can get some great bargains you do have to keep an eye on the shipping costs. It would be no good buying low cost furniture then having to pay huge shipping costs.

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